Dunkin’ JUST Revealed Its 2021 Valentine’s Day Menu—and Your Favorite Drink Is Back!

Plus, some new surprises we DEFINITELY weren't expecting.

‘Tis the season of love, and everyone (and we do mean EVERYONE) is getting in on the party. With Funfetti releasing a Valentine’s cake mix, and Target dropping a line of Valentine’s themed hot cocoa bombs, you’ve got lots of options to make this Valentine’s Day a sweet one! Now, hot on the heels of their 2021 menu release, Dunkin’ is adding to the fun by bringing some Valentine’s favorites back to the store – and yes, your favorite drink is part of the line-up!

What’s on the Menu?

The fan favorite Pink Velvet Macchiato, a decadent drink made with espresso, red velvet cake flavor and just a hint of smooth cream cheese icing that brings the whole thing together, is something we definitely look forward to every year. Dunkin’ describes it as “biting into a delicious red velvet cupcake” and we’re inclined to agree. If you’re looking for something with a deeper flavor, you can opt for the Mocha Macchiato, a rich swirl of espresso and chocolate.

And if you want something to go with your caffeine fix, they’re also bringing back their iconic heart-shaped donuts, which includes the Brownie Batter Donut, a yummy concoction that gives you a generous helping of chocolatey brownie batter-flavored buttercream filling with every bite, topped off with vanilla-flavored icing and chocolate sprinkles. Of course, the Cupid’s Choice Donut is also making a return, filled with Bavarian Kreme and covered with strawberry-flavored icing and pink sprinkles.

But That’s Not All…

Dunkin’ is also diving into the marriage biz by dropping a line of wedding merch with their first-ever wedding-themed online pop-up shop, which will open on Feb. 11th! If Dunkin’ was essential to your love story, this is your chance to make it a part of your big day. And inspired by a story of one of their own employees who got married at their drive-thru (where she first met her husband), Dunkin’ is also giving couples the chance to win their very own Dunkin’ drive-thru wedding!

And if you really want to cement your fan status, don’t forget to check out all these things you should know about Dunkin’.

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