Dunkin’ Will Finally Make Hot Cocoa Bombs for Winter 2021—in TWO Festive Flavors

Sure it's summer, but Dunkin' hot cocoa bombs are coming, and we are ready for them.

Dunkin'hot Cocoa Bombs Featurecourtesy @markie_devo/instagram

Yes, most of the country is sweltering away in the summer heat right now. But winter will eventually show its icy face, and we’ll all be swapping out lemonade and iced coffee for delicious hot cocoa. And that means it’ll be time to grab last winter’s hot-beverage blockbuster, hot cocoa bombs.

According to an Instagram post from @CandyHunting on Instagram, Dunkin’—yes, the doughnut people—will be serving up two classic flavors of their own hot cocoa bombs this year.

What’s in the Hot Cocoa Bombs?

The first Dunkin’ hot chocolate bomb will be made with Belgian chocolate, stuffed with mini-marshmallows and wrapped in pretty pink foil. The second flavor will also be made with Belgian chocolate but has a mint flavor. It will be wrapped in shiny green foil. Just think, if the original flavors take off, Dunkin’ could potentially come out with a Boston Kreme doughnut-flavored cocoa bomb. That would be… well, the bomb.

“New Dunkin’ Hot Chocolate and Mint Hot Chocolate Bombs should be out for the winter 2021 holiday season! “according to @CandyHunting.

Representatives for Dunkin’ and Frankford Candy did not respond to a request for comment. So we don’t know when exactly the bombs will be available or if they will be sold at Dunkin’ shops, in grocery stores or both.

What’s a Hot Cocoa Bomb?

It’s been a long time since last winter! Hot cocoa bombs are round, hollow chocolate shells, usually stuffed with marshmallows or sprinkles or some other winter yum. (There are even Baby Yoda-themed cocoa bombs.)

You plop the hot cocoa bomb into your favorite mug and pour hot milk over it. The steaming liquid breaks down the chocolate and turns the ingredients into a tasty cup of hot cocoa.

Until the Dunkin’ hot cocoa bombs are ready to dive into your winter drink, you can check out things Dunkin’ employees want you to know, and learn what to order from the Dunkin’ drink secret menu.

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