Walmart Is Selling Plastic Eggs Loaded with Cheez-Its and Pop-Tarts for Easter

What's better, Easter chocolate or Cheez-Its?

Easter might be about baskets full of Reese’s eggs and a giant milk chocolate bunny, but what about those oddballs who don’t love chocolate? I know, I know—but they do exist! Walmart has everyone covered this year because the retailer is selling plastic eggs filled with Cheez-Its, mini Pop-Tarts and more!

Tell Me More About This Eggcellent Treat

Instagrammer @Foodiewiththebeasts captured a pic in the wild. The giant plastic eggs weigh nearly 2 ounces and are larger than an adult-sized palm.

The Cheez-Its and mini Pop-Tarts aren’t on Walmart’s site yet, but the post on Instagram does have a sneak peek of another variety: Rice Krispies Treats. The plastic egg promises five mini marshmallow treats inside, so that gives an idea of what to expect for the Cheez-Its and mini Pop-Tarts.

This Easter, We Have CHOICES!

There’s a lot of snacky Easter competition this year. Reese’s Puffs just released cute-as-can-be bunny-shaped cereal and Russell Stover is making a chocolate bunny that comes with a side of Jif peanut butter.

However, the plastic eggs filled with savory Cheez-Its and non-chocolate Pop-Tarts and Rice Krispies are something a bit different this year. Sure, these giant eggs might not be classic Easter egg hunt material, but there’s plenty of room for them during our holiday celebration, too!

Easter Snacks We Simply Can't Resist
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