12 Ways the Elf on the Shelf Is Stirring up Mischief in the Kitchen

Santa's spy is busy helping out. Or is he?

Everyone knows the kitchen is the heart of the home, including Elf on the Shelf. Be prepared this holiday season: He may get up to some of these shenanigans at your house.

1. He’s a Snow Angel

Elf’s pure goodness and light in the kitchen, helping out wherever he can. He especially likes cooking and baking and never leaves behind a mess…except when he uses the ingredients to make himself into a flour angel.

2. Breakfast Is Served

Ah, now that’s a better use for the flour…delicious pancakes, freshly cooked using Elf’s secret North Pole recipe. Pass the maple syrup, please.

3. Sugar Is Fuel

There’s so much work to be done before Christmas and no time for napping on the job. Elf needs to keep up his energy with a big sip of sweet, sweet Elf food so he can keep spying on the little ones.

4. Feeding the Dog

Fishing for praise and doggy biscuits, Elf makes sure the pets are well-fed every day. But he didn’t feel so well when he tried to eat the treats himself.

5. Elf and Friends

Elf loves to hang out with his friends whenever he gets a chance for a break. They’re a bunch of cool mates.

6. Working the Muscles

Got to keep fit and strong for the busy time ahead. There are presents to wrap, Christmas pudding to stir, cookies to bake, and eggnog to make. Grow your little muscles, Elf. Lift those marshmallows.

7. Banana Ballet

Elf’s practicing for the big Christmas ballet. It’s The Nutcracker again this year. He leaps into the air with ease, riding high on his swinging banana. And the crowd goes wild.

8. Dinnertime

After all that exercise, a big bowl of spaghetti and candy will hit the spot. Bon appetit, Elf.

9. Cooling Down

It gets pretty warm down here away from the North Pole, especially with the hot oven busily baking all the sweet Christmas goodies. Elf takes a moment to cool his little toes in the ice maker.

10. Cooking Up a Cookie

Christmas is almost here and Elf is cooking a treat for Santa to nibble on as he makes his way from house to house. It’s another of his top-secret recipes, taught to him by Mrs. Claus herself. The jolly man in red is going to love eating his favorite milk-dipped cookies come Christmas Eve.

11. Security Duty

Elf and friends take their security job seriously, keeping watch in the chilly refrigerator and making sure no one tests the brandy sauce or sips the eggnog before the big day.

12. Magic Little Elf

The magic of Christmas is almost here. Elf, in his favorite Harry Potter style, is off on his pasty brush broom, with his teeny-tiny wand, to spread Christmas magic and cheer.

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