Elote Ramen Is the Instant Ramen Recipe We Absolutely Want to Try

You'll never have plain ramen again.

We’re doing our best to keep meals interesting while going to the grocery store as infrequently as possible. That means getting crafty with the food in the pantry, like instant ramen. It’s a pantry staple for lots of good reasons. Besides being cheap, fast and delicious, it can easily be elevated into so much more.

Our friends at Foodbeast just created an out-of-the-box ramen recipe that we think everyone needs to try: elote ramen!

What Is Elote Ramen?

This delicious dish is a mash-up of instant ramen and Mexican street corn flavors—cheese, corn, mayonnaise, lime, hot sauce and Tajin. How do you make it at home? Luckily, Foodbeast shared their secret recipe in this easy-to-follow video:

Speaking of Mexican street corn, here are some of our favorite recipes for this delicious treat.

Other Delicious Ways to Enjoy Ramen

You can use ramen noodles for salads, sides, main dishes and more. It’s true! Check out this spicy Asian sausage and ramen salad or this take on a comfort food classic, tomato noodle soup with ramen. Just scope out the ingredients you have in the house and start creating your next meal.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Tasty Recipes to Make with Ramen Noodles
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