Family Holiday Tradition: Craft an Annual Family Ornament

Get out the art supplies and create merry memories with a unique holiday ornament, presented by our friends at Folgers®, that can deck your halls year after year. From cookie cutter ornaments to simple salt dough keepsakes, the possibilities and fun times to be had together are endless.

Get Creative with Cookie Cutters

Available in many shapes and sizes, cookie cutters are a cute and affordable DIY option. Set a cutter on a piece of decorative paper or card stock. Trace its shape and cut out. Apply clear craft glue to the back of the cutter and adhere it to the paper. Apply any decorative items—stickers, buttons, beads—that you wish. Once dry, thread ribbon or butcher’s twine between the paper and cutter near the top. Tie into a loop for easy hanging. This is great with printed photos, too!

Have a Ball with Clear Glass or Acrylic Bulbs

  • Fill them with shredded decorative paper, glitter, backyard finds like mini pinecones and evergreen sprigs, faux snow, pretty beads, tinsel, feathers, paint or small mementos like concert tickets or photos.
  • Adorn them with ribbon, buttons, frosted spray paint or holiday fabric. Decoupage small pieces of sheet music or pages from a book or atlas onto the bulb’s exterior. Use acrylic paint to create thumbprint snowmen or reindeer heads.

More Easy Homemade Ornament Ideas

  • Thread large red and white beads onto pipe cleaners to make candy canes.
  • Paint wood craft sticks green, cut into pieces of varying size, and glue together to make a Christmas tree. Trim with colorful buttons.
  • Glue short bits of twigs together to form a snowflake. Spray-paint silver and gold, then sprinkle with glitter.
  • Make a simple salt dough or quick-dry clay and use stamps to imprint holiday designs or initials.

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