This Local Bakery Made 800 FREE Cakes for Graduating High School Seniors

Each cake is even personalized with a graduate's name!

We could all use a heartwarming story to get us through these difficult times. Thankfully, there is no shortage of brands large and small giving back, supporting essential workers and keeping us safe—not to mention all of the celebrities helping out and doing charitable work during the COVID-19 outbreak.

One of the latest hometown heroes is a Minnesota baker that saved the day for graduating high school seniors by baking and decorating more than 800 cakes!

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What Started This Act of Kindness?

When Bill Hanisch, owner of Hanisch Bakery in Red Wing, MN found out that this year’s local high school graduation ceremony had been canceled due to the pandemic, he vowed to make a cake for all 200 of members of the 2020 graduating class from Red Wing High School, his alma mater.

The original plan was to make 200 two-layer cakes, decorated with the graduates’ names. The offer blew up on social media when area residents caught wind of what the bakery was up to! Soon, donations started pouring in and the bakery had over 800 cake orders for graduates in 12 nearby towns.

The Story Has a Happy Ending for Everyone

The venture has been a win-win for both the graduates and the bakery. It was never the goal for Hanisch Bakery to profit from this kind gesture. In fact, Hanisch told Better Homes & Gardens that he hoped the donations would cover ingredients and the salaries of his 21 full-time employees, so the business could weather the pandemic. Mission accomplished!

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