200,000 People in the U.S. Can Get Free Chips on Leap Day. Here’s How.

Lay's is "chipping" in to help commemorate Leap Year birthdays.

Leap Year babies have an extra thing to celebrate. Just 200,000 Americans were born on February 29 (aka Leap Day), and this year, the day falls on a Saturday—perfect for a big birthday party! Lay’s is bringing a gift: the chance to win a free bag of potato chips.

How Do You Get the Free Chips?

For the chance to win free Lay’s potato chips, Leaplings should visit the Lay’s Facebook page on Friday, February 28, and comment on the brand’s post to say they were born on February 29. So easy!

lay's leap day postCourtesy Lay's

Lay’s Flavors Are All About Variety

Nothing can beat original Lay’s classic flavor, even if the brand has been on a new flavor roll recently with their new bold and flavorful chips for 2020. And who wouldn’t be tempted by Flamin’ Hot Dill Pickle ones?

Take a peek at our ranking of the best Lay’s potato chips to find out which flavor reigns supreme.

What Else Is on Our Leap Year Menu?

Potato chips might scream party (you can even make your own in the microwave or an air fryer), but nothing says winter like a hearty casserole. This February, we have a casserole recipe for every day of the month—even Leap Day—which brings the total to 29. Brace yourself, because we also have a tasty hamburger casserole that’s topped with crushed potato chips. Talk about the best of both worlds (and just what we’d want for our birthday dinner)!

Psst: If you’re curious, read up on the origins of Leap Year.

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