Funfetti Cereal Is Coming in TWO WEEKS—Here’s Where to Find a Box

Funfetti cereal is for anyone who's tempted to eat cake for breakfast.

Sure, you can eat a slice of Funfetti cake for breakfast…or you can hold out for a bowl of Funfetti cereal. You read that right—all the fun and flavor of Funfetti cake will soon be served in a bowl. Just add milk!

The rumors have been swirling about this breakfast cereal for months, and now, it looks like we have real info. (This might be even better than Dunkaroos cereal.)

Funfetti Cereal Is Like Eating Cake for Breakfast

Instagrammer @threesnackateers posted a photo of the box, and we’re already sold by the crispy rainbow Funfetti pieces. It reportedly has a very strong vanilla flavor that reminds tasters of fluffy white cake and thick frosting. Sounds like a party!

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This isn’t the first Funfetti spin-off we’ve seen. Pillsbury introduced this cake mix with rainbow sprinkles in the late ’80s, and it’s been adapted in tasty ways over the years. Nestle recently released Funfetti Morsels to be used anywhere you might use chocolate chips. Pillsbury also has a Funfetti pancake mix that will bring cheer to your morning. For true fans, there’s even Funfetti coffee creamer.

Where to Buy Funfetti Cereal

Funfetti cereal comes in a 17-ounce family size box. It will be in stores by the third week of August, according to multiple food news outlets. Look for it at your local Walmart! You can also sign up for an in-stock alert on Walmart’s website.

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