The Funniest Tweets, Live from the Grocery Store

Any given grocery run comes with pitfalls, puns and plenty of opportunities to laugh. These folks on Twitter show us the amusement in the mundane.

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1. Calling ’em how we see ’em.

Look, if celery could rebrand itself, it would definitely change the name to refreshing little crunchy sticks of goodness. This is just the store being a little more honest about awesome vegetables.

2. A factually accurate map of the grocery store

Yep, lots of grocery stores have similar layouts (and all the same pitfalls). It’s funny ’cause it’s true.

3. Why do they insist on doing this to us?

…Then again, that grocery map in our heads is pretty important. Ever turned down the cereal aisle and found a bunch of vinegar instead? A little warning would be nice. That’s all we’re saying

4. The cutest thing you’ll see all day

This is just cute. Pure cuteness. This bunny’s our new favorite vegetarian. (And that tiny shopping cart!)

5. Sneaky, sneaky!

It’s usually from those darn snack aisles, too.

6. Smart advertising!

Selling single pieces of fruit like this saves a ton of waste and is great for picking food up for unique recipes…even better if the store can make a joke about it!

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