Get a Load of These 8 Crowd-Sourced Pet Costumes from Readers Like You

These hilarious (and adorable) pet costumes prove Halloween can't come soon enough.

Collection of dogs in an array of costumesPeanut- Tava Hansen, Tinker and Kaos- Elizabeth Bramkamp, Zoey- Debbie Weber, and GlasscockLuke- Kelly Heirigs

Bring on the spooky decorations, creative costumes and lots and lots of candy. It’s Halloween! If you’re like me, leaving your pet home alone while the family is out trick-or-treating isn’t an option (unless you want to return to a ransacked house). In the spirit of the holiday, I like to dress up my dog, too, but sometimes I need a little inspiration. Luckily, the Taste of Home community has tons of creative and easy ideas. Here are eight paw-some pet costumes from readers like you!

Halloween Standbys

Classic Halloween costumes work for pets, too. Think cowboys and cowgirls, vampires, witches, even spiders.

Christmas in October

Channel The Nightmare Before Christmas (or jolly old St. Nick himself) and dress your precious pet as Santa or one of his reindeer.

The Office Busy Bee

If you’re lucky enough to work someplace that allows pets—jealous!—convey the pace of your workday with this super cute busy bee inspiration.

Get Your Geek On

Sitting brown dog dressed as Rey from Star WarsRey- Murphy Evers

Are you a superfan? Show it by disguising your pet as a character from your favorite book, movie or TV show.

Play the Breed

Black, white and beige dachshund wearing a hotdog costumePeanut- Tava Hansen

A dachshund as a hot dog. A lab as a scientist. A Frenchie as a French maid. Sometimes your pet’s perfect costume is in her genes.

Join a Cult (Classic)

Brown and white bunny being held up and wearing oversized glassesKiller Rabbit (no actual name given)- Teri Rasey

If you have a pet rabbit, you almost have to dress him up as the killer bunny from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Collar It

Two cute little dogs wearing decorated collars with a big pumpkin and ghostTinker and Kaos- Elizabeth Bramkamp

If your pet doesn’t like being dressed up, consider decorating her leash and collar to guarantee a costume that won’t get chewed up.

Whatever You Have Around

Golden retriever with a brown scarf wrapped around its head and neckMac- Caroline Stanko

Sometimes you just have to grab something and go…like the year I wrapped a scarf around my dog, Mac, and turned him into a Czech babi (grandma).

Regardless of what your pet wears this Halloween, she’ll definitely be cute enough to deserve a treat!

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