The Girl Scouts Are Honoring Betty White with a Special Patch—Here’s How to Earn One

The Girl Scouts will celebrate this beloved icon and role model with a brand-new Betty White patch.

Betty White was a groundbreaking actress, activist and role model for women, and her legacy is a lasting one. Many friends and celebrities have paid tribute to the late White, and a special documentary is playing in theaters for her birthday. Now, even the Girl Scouts have found a way to celebrate the life of the beloved actress—with an all-new Betty White patch.

Here are some things you didn’t know about the Girl Scouts.

Girl Scouts Everywhere Will Be Celebrating Amazing Women

Over on the East Coast, the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore (GSJS) started the Amazing Woman of the Month Series, in which they honor iconic women. In the past, members of GSJS have celebrated groundbreaking ladies like Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Shirley Chisholm. For the month of January, White will be honored as the Amazing Woman of the Month. Of course, she has her very own patch that Girl Scouts can receive in her honor.

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How to Earn a Betty White Patch

Girl Scouts earn patches by completing achievements and activities. To get the Betty White patch, you’ll have to learn all about the actress and her life. Scouts (and other participants) will take a good look at what made White such an icon in the entertainment industry, while also learning more about her role as an animal activist and leader.

You can still register for the program! The signup list started with 712 names, but has jumped up to more than 2,000 participants across the country, People says. Check out the registration for the Amazing Woman of the Month Series and get ready to show off your Betty White patch!

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