Mincing Garlic Just Got Easier With This Spooky Garlic Crusher

Meet your new best friend in the kitchen: the Gracula garlic crusher. This adorable and easy-to-use prep tool is a must-have for everyone who cooks with garlic.

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As much as we love cooking with garlic, peeling and cutting it is a tedious task, not to mention stinky. We’ve tried just about every garlic peeling hack in the book, even Julia Child’s method.

To our surprise and delight, one of our favorite methods is also the spookiest: the Gracula garlic crusher. With an ergonomic design, this charming gadget easily peels and minces garlic and other ingredients. Here’s what makes it so clever.

What is the Gracula Garlic Crusher?

Gracula PackagingKatie Bandurski/Taste of Home

The Count Dracula-themed crusher definitely adds a quirky atmosphere to the kitchen (and not just around Halloween) but it’s more than a novelty decoration!

When making your favorite garlic recipes, it’s an essential tool that quickly peels and crushes the star ingredient. Unlike garlic presses, which can only squish one clove at a time, the Gracula crushes many cloves at once. It also multi-tasks, handling nuts, ginger, herbs and chilis with equal ease. Multi-tasking is what sets our essential kitchen tools apart.

Like many bestselling Amazon prep tools, the Gracula is easy to use, with an ergonomic design that accommodates all cooks. Using this tool allows you to keep your hands odor-free and creates crushed or minced garlic within seconds. Plus, since you crush the entire clove, there’s virtually no waste!

Plus, his vampire cloak and friendly fangs make Gracula downright adorable! Just like these Halloween Scrub Daddy sponges, this crab spoon rest and this bat wine opener.

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How to Use the Gracula Garlic Crusher

Gracula Garlic CrusherKatie Bandurski/Taste of Home

Any other vampire might head for the hills at the sight of garlic, but not Gracula. We tried this cute gadget, and he takes garlic, quite literally, head-on. Pop off his head and fill the torso with cloves. No need to peel! Then snap the head back on, press down and twist back and forth to peel and mince garlic. The whole process takes mere seconds and sparks a little joy in our otherwise hum-drum meal prep process.

The Gracula garlic crusher is easy to use and a breeze to clean. Simply separate the head from the torso and throw the pieces into the dishwasher.

The Best User Reviews

Gracula Garlic CrusherKatie Bandurski/Taste of Home

We’re not the only ones adding Gracula to our kitchen lineup. Nearly 6,000 happy Amazon customers have added it to their cart.

Verified purchaser Andrea Sees declares, “Easiest garlic utensil I’ve ever cleaned. Just rinses off. It is completely insane how easy this is compared to others. I come from an Italian family and I give it a 20/10!”

Brittany Pogoda is obsessed with this tool’s longevity. “I’ve had this product for two years now. It has held up so well…It’s very easy to clean. I only hand wash considering it takes like 10 seconds to do so and I use it frequently.”

Taste of Home Senior Shopping Editor, Katie Bandurski, loves how Gracula looks in her kitchen. “Like most OTOTO products, Gracula is a statement piece! Plus, he works so well. When making garlic bread I can crush an entire head in just a minute. If I was using my traditional garlic press, where I have to load the cloves in one by one, it would take much longer.”

Where to Buy the Gracula Garlic Crusher

Gracula Ecomm Via Walmart.comvia merchant

Forget your old techniques and take a stab at the Gracula garlic crusher. Find this fun gizmo on Amazon for under $30. Whether you plan to dish out garlic bread, garlic spaghetti or another flavor-packed dish, one thing’s for sure: Meal prep is about to get spookier!

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