Here’s When the Next Season of ‘Great British Baking Show’ Will Be on Netflix

It's exactly the wholesome binge-watch we need for 2020.

Plenty of British TV has taken America by storm. There’s been Sherlock, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey and more. But one overseas import is bit more uplifting than those dramas, though—and that’s The Great British Bake Off (called The Great British Baking Show, in the US).

If you’re not familiar with Great British Baking Show, it’s like other baking competitions in that contestants are pitted against each other in a series of challenges; think cakes, tarts, breads and desserts. It’s gained a sizable overseas following due to its likable contestants and cheerful rather than stressful atmosphere, so it’s an especially good program for 2020.

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When Do the New Episodes Start Streaming?

Do you have your calendar ready? Season 11 will start streaming on Netflix on September 25. That’s right—it’s SOON! Unlike other Netflix shows, however, Great British Baking Show will add new episodes every Friday after they air in the UK, so they won’t be dropped all at once.

This season took extra work to film, since the pandemic made filming at the show’s traditional location impossible. The crew and cast were quarantined for six weeks in order to complete the show.

You can check out the trailer below, which showcases new additions to the team (like comedian Matt Lucas as cohost) as well as this year’s contestants. Even in this brief clip, there are some splendid—and a few seemingly catastrophic!—kitchen creations.

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What Should I Eat While I Watch?

You can’t tune into this beloved program on an empty stomach. Fortunately, we have just the list for you: here’s a look at recipes inspired by Baking Show, including rich and creamy tiramisu, beef Wellington appetizers and hot cross buns.

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