You Can Now Buy Pound Cake That’s Made with a Splash of Booze

We're biting into this Baileys Irish cream cake ASAP.

As much as we love classic desserts, there’s no debating that everything tastes better with a splash of rum, Irish cream or whatever else you have stashed in the pantry. Just a splash of the stuff is enough to kick up any recipe, but where do you turn when you don’t have time to bake?

Head to Great Spirits Baking Company, of course!

This bakery based in St. Louis, Missouri is capturing all the flavor you crave from spirits and packing them into single cake slices. The bakery serves up a variety of luscious cakes, from Captain Morgan Apple Spice Cake to Guinness Chocolate Stout Cake. Here’s how to get your hands on them.

We’re in the Spirit for Spirits!

You read that right—you can indulge in single cake slices that taste just like your go-to drinks. There are four flavors in total: Guinness Chocolate Stout Cake, Baileys Irish Cream Cake, Limoncello Cake and Captain Morgan Apple Spice Cake.

These cakes first debuted on Instagram via @SnacksfromAround, who just couldn’t help but share all this crumbly goodness. According to taste testers, these cakes taste exactly like their boozy counterparts.

While the Guinness, Captain Morgan and Baileys cakes are non-alcoholic, the Limoncello cake actually contains about 0.5% alcohol content, so be mindful if you plan on sharing these. Somehow, though, we don’t think that’ll be anything to worry about.

Where to Find Your Pound Cake

These cakes can be found at Giant grocery stores, though they might prove to be more elusive if you don’t have a Giant location near you. Instead, opt for ordering straight from Great Spirits Baking Company and have these goodies shipped right to your door. These cakes are so unique (and so decadent), retailing for only $18 for a 6-pack.

If you crave more bang for your buck, Great Spirits Baking Company also offers a $45 variety pack. It comes with 16 cakes in total (or four of each). Now that’s what we call a deal!

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