Greek Spaghetti

Greek Spaghetti

A comforting dinner is sure to be had when Melanie D.’s casserole is on the menu. Featuring chicken, spinach and two types of cheese, her Greek Spaghetti with Chicken is a crowd-pleaser at her home in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota.

“The hot dish is not healthy,” writes Melanie. “I would love it if you could make it over.”

The Healthy Cooking team decreased the amount of mayonnaise, sour cream and canned soup in the recipe. They also opted to take advantage of the lighter counterparts of these ingredients. This was an easy switch while shopping for ingredients.

To replicate the creaminess of the original, a mixture of fat-free milk, flour and chicken bouillon granules was added to the recipe.

Makeover Greek Spaghetti offers all of the goodness you’d expect from a casserole. Best of all, nearly 60% of the fat was cut from the original submission. In addition, 159 calories were removed, and the sodium content decreased by one-third.

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