Ketchup Caviar Is Here and It Looks VERY Fancy

Would you try the Heinz ketchup caviar? It's regular ketchup—with one unusual difference.

Have you ever wished you could find Heinz ketchup that’s sphere-shaped? Probably not—but Heinz is now making “ketchup caviar.” The spheres of ketchup are packed in a fancy-looking glass jar with a gold lid. It promises to be an “exquisite Valen-Heinz Day experience!”

Find the sneaky hidden message on Heinz ketchup and other food labels.

How Can Fans Get Ketchup Caviar?

You’ll have to fight for a chance to get your hands on an elegant jar of the ketchup caviar. Heinz is making just 150 containers of it, Today reported. Fans could enter to win a jar by replying to this Heinz tweet with the hashtags #HeinzKetchupCaviar and #Sweeps.

Update: The contest is closed, so you might have to scour eBay to find one of the elusive 150 jars.

Even if you did get to enter the contest, regular ketchup is still probably a superior option. Because how would you eat a burger or hot dog topped with roly-poly ketchup spheres? You definitely can’t dip fries into a spoonful of ketchup caviar. It’s a fun promotion on Heinz’s part, but nothing can replace the tried-and-true form.

Here’s what you need to know about Heinz and other vintage food brands.

Prefer to make your own ketchup at home? To get fancy, you can try making a batch of flavored ketchup from scratch! Ketchup caviar has nothing on this cranberry ketchup recipe or this spicy ketchup recipe. These updated versions are fancy and functional, which is more than ketchup caviar can say for itself.

Make Some Fries to Serve With Your Ketchup
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