Here’s How Godiva Keeps Up With the Valentine’s Day Chocolate Rush

Nothing says love like a heart-shaped box of chocolates.

If the way to your Valentine’s heart is through their stomach or, even better, sweet tooth, then chances are you’ll be picking up chocolate in some form this February 14. You’re certainly not alone. According to a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics, Valentine’s Day revelers in the United States are expected to spend a whopping $2.4 billion on candy for the occasion in 2020 (even more than the $2.3 billion they plan on spending for flowers). You might want to try these new Valentine’s Day candies that we’re falling hard for.

With treats in high demand, how does one of the single biggest names in chocolate prepare for the Valentine’s Day onslaught? Don’t worry, they’ve got this.

Perfect planning

Valentine’s Day is Godiva’s single busiest day of the year, which means they want the romance-centric season to go off without a hitch. According to the team, they listen carefully to the likes and dislikes of their consumers on an on-going basis in order to develop new chocolates and packaging. Each new collection may take 12 to 18 months to develop and bring to one of the 450 Godiva stores across the globe. Because the chocolates are internationally-loved, the company draws inspiration from global trends and works with five chefs across the world to bring their confections to delicious life. Aside from chocolates, these are the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts on Amazon.

Early projections


Godiva has been in the chocolate game for a long time (94 years to be exact—they were founded in 1926), so they can use years of sales history to ensure they have enough product in stores to meet customer demand on Valentine’s Day. To prepare for this holiday alone, the Godiva plant produces more than 21 million pieces of candy. If you estimate that there are roughly 110 calories in each piece of chocolate and multiply that by 21 million…well, we’re not going to go there. After all, Valentine’s Day is a day of indulgence, right? On the flip side, here are some healthy desserts for Valentine’s Day.

Strawberry lovers unite

According to the National Confectioners Association (NCA), 87 percent of U.S.-based shoppers say they’re planning to gift chocolate or candy this year. Included in those gifts will be the 1 million chocolate-dipped strawberries Godiva sells on Valentine’s Day. That’s right, 1 million of those tasty treats on February 14 alone! While the company didn’t comment on where they source the many strawberries they need to meet demand, generally, the fruit can most often be found on farms in California and Florida during the winter months, according to The Packer. Interestingly, it isn’t only strawberries beautifully covered in chocolate that’s a big seller for the holiday, but the plain old fresh variety as well. Nielsen reports that fresh strawberries found and sold in the perimeter of grocery stores typically generate more than $52 million in sales in mid-February.

Heart-shaped boxes

Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates continue to be a favorite among those celebrating Valentine’s Day. It’s a classic gift! Interestingly, the NCA says that only 50 percent of those gifted with these boxes use the included “map” of what’s what to find their favorite filling. Thiry-one percent like the thrill of the surprise and choose at random. Curious as to the favorite filling? Not surprisingly, the association says caramel got 32 percent of the votes from the chocolate lovers they surveyed.

The icons

valentines day candiesCourtesy GODIVA

Like any classic brand, Godiva fans have their favorite chocolates that are big sellers year after year, according to the company; and the company also introduces limited-edition chocolates. “This year we have created a special collection, comprised of heart-shaped boxes filled with unique chocolate pieces, romancing the history of chocolate, allowing Godiva’s fans to experience a taste of chocolate’s beautiful evolution,” says a company spokesperson. “Each piece incorporates a bit of history and the magical element of love.” Sounds pretty darn sweet to us! Next, read on to find out the 12 ways to say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ with food.

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