Hershey’s Caramel Apple Chocolates Give Every Other Halloween Candy a Run for Its Money

A fall favorite from Hershey's has made its return!

If a chocolate bar and caramel-covered apple walked into a chocolate factory, this would definitely be the treat that walked out! Hershey’s Caramel Apple Filled Milk Chocolates are back for another fall season and they look delicious. While there’s definitely no shortage of pumpkin flavored treats available like pumpkin pie-coated Kit Kats, and even pumpkin spice Spam, this decadent candy is inspired by another classic autumn food item: the caramel apple.

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All About the Chocolates

The treat first hit shelves back in fall 2016 and has recently made its much-anticipated return ahead of the Halloween season. Tart apple-flavored caramel is wrapped in classic Hershey’s milk chocolate (did you know it’s said to save marriages?), shaped like an apple and wrapped in red foil for a sweet-to-eat candy.

Reviewer Junk Banter shared back in 2016: “the crispy milk chocolate outside gives way to a soft, buttery caramel filling that successfully features the advertised flavor.” Sounds delicious.

The sweet treat has even converted those previously suspicious of the flavor combo:

This candy has a higher ratio of chocolate to caramel, but if that’s not your thing give Milky Way’s Caramel Apple candies a try for more caramel and less chocolate.

Where Can I Find Them?

Luckily, there seems to be no shortage of these chocolates online. They’re available at Walmart, Target and Meijer. Each $4 bag is perfect for sharing, and contains about 28 individually wrapped chocolates.

It’s unclear exactly how long these will be around for in stores, but since they’re a fall treat and not just designed for Halloween, we can guess they’ll be around slightly longer than some other pumpkin treats—but we still wouldn’t wait to pick them up!

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