Eating This Food Just Might Be the Key to a Long Marriage

A daily chocolate bar helps keep the spark alive!

For a couple that’s been together since 1940, many things have changed over the years. But two things have always been consistent: the couples’ love for each other…and chocolate! Curtis and Virginia Peters are celebrating their 79th wedding anniversary this year. And they largely credit their long-lasting love to a specific bar of chocolate that you likely know and love, too.

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The key to love is…

Hershey’s! The iconic milk chocolate bar has been a staple for these two—now 100 and 103—nearly every day of their life together. The two met at the University of Northern Iowa (formerly known as Iowa State Teachers College) during World War II, and married soon after, raised five children and ran a printing shop out of their home in Waterloo, Iowa.

Hershey’s everywhere

The fourth-born of the Peters’ children, Susan Peters Cathoir, recalled to TODAY Food that growing up, Hershey’s candies were constantly stocked in the house. “They love the Hershey’s,” she said. “It melts in their mouth just the way want it.” Cathoir remembers Hershey’s Kisses in candy bowls, bars in the kitchen and melted chocolate for dipped ice cream cones.

In the late 1950s, the couple even packed up the family for a trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania, for a sweet vacation to see how the beloved candy is made.

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Keeping the tradition alive

Today, the couple has relocated to be closer to their daughter in Geneseo, Illinois. They live in a nursing home together, but that doesn’t stop them from having their daily bar.

“I keep a pack in the freezer and go and give them one every day,” Cathoir shared. “I always leave chocolate in their drawer so in case I can’t make it or I’m late, one of the [nurses] can make sure they still get it.”

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