Hidden Valley Is Selling a Christmas Stocking That’s Full of Ranch Dressing

It’s a stocking filled with ranch?!

It’s nearly Christmas! Well—it’s almost nearly Christmas. It’s time to start shopping for gifts for your food-loving friends and family. Last year, KFC released a firelog that smelled like the chain’s signature fried chicken. Now, Hidden Valley has a new creation for your fireplace.

Ranch lovers, this one is for you. The Hidden Valley Ranch Stocking is exactly what it sounds like—a stocking full of dressing!

How Much Ranch Is in the Stocking?

The stocking is about 15″ by 7″, and it’s filled to the brim with 52 ounces of ranch dressing. If you’re doing the math, that’s the equivalent of six or seven bottles of HVR. There’s even a spout at the toe of the stocking for an easy pour. This outrageous gift is red and green, and covered with cartoon pizza slices and ranch bottles. (Because ranch and pizza are a winning combo.)

With all this ranch, you can try out plenty of recipes, like a ranch tater tot bake or ranch-glazed baby carrots. If a regular-sized bottle of ranch is enough to last you the rest of the year, then a ranch-themed lunchbox or blanket from Hidden Valley might be the way to go.

This ranch cookbook is for people who are obsessed with ranch dressing.

Where Can I Buy a Ranch Stocking?

Hidden Valley’s ranch stocking is currently available for preorder at the company’s Ranch Shop. It’s $35—but so worth it. You may not have been expecting to purchase holiday gifts from Hidden Valley, but these ranch-themed products will be a hit for anyone in your life who’s a big fan of the dressing.

The orders are estimated to ship in early December, so it’ll arrive in time for Christmas. You may not want to hang it over your fireplace, though. The safest place to enjoy all 52 ounces of ranch dressing is in your kitchen!

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