Get Ready to Put Hidden Valley Ranch ‘Secret Sauce’ on All Your Favorite Foods

You can put this ranch on EVERYTHING.

We all know and love Hidden Valley ranch dressing. There’s pretty much nothing it doesn’t make better: vegetables, French fries, even pizza! And Hidden Valley knows how to feed our cravings, too: they’ve made everything from a Christmas stocking full of ranch dressing to “blasted” dipping sauces.

Now, the variety of foods that ranch improves will expand thanks to the company’s newest offering: Hidden Valley Ranch Secret Sauce.

What’s in the “Secret Sauce”?

Hidden Valley is releasing three different and mysterious dressings that’ll add unique flavors to literally any snack or dinner you whip up. “Secret Sauce” is almost exactly what it sounds like—the brand isn’t categorizing the flavors in terms of existing sauces like barbecue or teryaki, but rather using general descriptors to let fans explore the taste.

The trio of sauces comes in Spicy, Smokehouse and, of course, Ranch. Based on the info on Hidden Valley’s website, they’re all ranch-based, but one is “hot and zesty” while another is “savory and smooth,” so choose accordingly.

Where Can I Buy This Stuff?

It looks like these delightful dressings are already available on Hidden Valley’s website, where you can buy a set of all three for $10.47.

If you’re looking to get your hands on them in-person or buy them individually, you might have to wait a bit longer. We’ve heard they’ll be on shelves at Walmart by April 1.

I Need More Ranch in My Life!

Pick up the Ranch cookbook to discover new ways to use your favorite condiment, or try one of our recipes that start with ranch. Have a good day, Ranch Heads!

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