Holiday Salad

Share the spirit of the season while enjoying this made-lighter meal of staffers' favorite recipes.

Every year, Home Economist Pat Schmeling creates the perfect holiday menu for her family. “I ask each of my family members for their favorite food,” Pat explains. “Holiday Salad is always requested by my daughter.”

With the salad’s pretty presentation and tangy taste, it’s easy to see why. “There’s just enough sweetness from the apples to appeal to the younger people at my table, and yet the mustard and nutmeg give it a unique flavor adults like,” Pat relates.

Though the recipe is fairly straightforward, lightening the vinaigrette proved to be a little complex. The makeover team knew they’d have to maintain a certain proportion of oil to vinegar to create a pleasing mouthfeel.

They rolled up their sleeves and began by decreasing the oil in the vinaigrette, adding a small amount of water to restore volume. They also cut back on vinegar to prevent the dressing from tasting too tart.

To save calories and fat, the teammates cut back the original salad’s cheese and nuts, resulting in 82 fewer calories and 47% less fat per serving.

Makeover Holiday Salad is sure to add a festive, guilt-free touch to Pat’s holiday table and yours.

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