People Can’t Stop Making Hot Chocolate Boards Right Now, and We Love the Trend

Just when you thought hot cocoa couldn't get any better!

Let’s be honest—one of the reasons to look forward to cold weather is the return of all kinds of warm drinks. When September rolls around, we’re back to sipping pumpkin spice lattes, and when things get even frostier, we’re content to warm up with a delightful cup of hot cocoa.

The internet has somehow found a way to improve on perfection with the hot cocoa board.

It’s Like a Cheese Board—but for Cocoa

That’s probably the best way to describe what these boards do; they offer hot cocoa fans a wide variety of treats to add to their steaming beverage. There aren’t a whole lot of rules here—basically, if you think it would taste good in a cup of hot chocolate, you can plunk it down on the board. The sky’s the limit!

It’s worth noting that this has been a banner year for charcuterie boards; we’ve seen ones themed around pancakes and waffles, Disney characters and even birthday desserts.

How Can I Make One?

Basically, if it’s sweet and complements the flavor of chocolate, it has a home on a hot chocolate board. If you’re looking to make your board holiday-inspired, add candy canes, marshmallows and seasonal cookies. You’ll also want to include whipped cream and other fun stuff, like chocolate-covered pretzels. Yum!

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Really, the only requirement is hot cocoa mix—and our taste testers have already uncovered the best hot chocolate brand. You could also prepare your cocoa ahead of time with one of these decadent recipes.

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