You’ve Been Eating Buffalo Wings Wrong Your Entire Life

Ever wonder how to eat chicken wings without making a mess or leaving meat on the bone? Try this quick, easy technique.

A good basket of chicken wings is the ultimate appetizer, whether you order a bucket before the game or make them yourself. The only trouble is, wings can be tough to eat and it’s all too easy to leave meat on the bone.

So what’s the best way to eat wings? Try this technique—discovered on Viral Motion. You won’t believe how easy it is! (It’s almost as easy as making wings in the slow cooker.)

How to Eat Chicken Wings Like a Machine

Here’s the Play-by-Play:

Step 1: Grasp the wing

With your fingertips, take hold of both ends of the chicken wing.

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Step 2: Snap

Bend the wing in a quick, sharp gesture to break it at the center. This is more of a twisting or wringing motion than a bending. You want to separate the bones.

Step 3: Remove one bone

You should feel a loose bone inside the wing. Simply tug it out from one end. You also may need to pinch off any gristle or cartilage before you’re able to extract the bone, but it should slip right out.

The secret to success? Be authoritative! Using sharp, sure motions prevents you from merely mangling the wing.

Step 4: Eat

Keep holding the chicken by the end that you didn’t pull the bone from. Take a big bite, and slide the chicken wing off the bone with your teeth. It should come off easily, leaving you with a mouthful of deliciousness, and a clean bone in your hand.

Step 5. Repeat!

Keep up the method, and soon you may find yourself eating wings too quickly…and drawing admiring stares from friends and strangers. Don’t forget to savor the deliciousness of that wing, and remember to break for water if you’re munching on hot wings. (Ever wonder what makes Sriracha sauce so darn good?)

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