How to Freeze Pumpkin Bread

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Yes, you can freeze pumpkin bread. With these few steps you can be assured no one would ever know it was baked months ago.

If you’re like me, when I start baking I like to make a lot and freeze it. That way I have it on hand if I need something quick. However, not everything freezes all that well. Fortunately, one of my favorites, pumpkin bread, does well in the freezer. If you follow these few steps, I promise no one will ever know it spent time in the deep freeze.

How to Freeze Pumpkin Bread

Step 1: Bake and Fully Cool

Once your baked bread comes out of the pan, let it cool completely on a wire rack. Be prepared to wait—this can take an hour or more.

Step 2: First Layer

Air is one of the biggest enemies when things go in the freezer. The longer something is exposed to freezing temperatures the more likely it will dry out. Tightly wrap the completely cooled loaf in a layer of aluminum foil or freezer paper. Make sure it’s snuggly pressed around the bread and everything is covered.

Step 3: Second Layer

When I’m planning to freeze the bread for only a few weeks you can skip the second layer provided the first layer is wrapped tightly. However, if it’s September and you plan to serve it at Thanksgiving or Christmas, then a second layer is recommended. If you’re trying to go plastic free in the kitchen you can wrap the loaf in a second layer of foil or freezer paper. Otherwise, you can reach for a zip-top freezer bag. Slide the bread inside, pressing as much of the air out before sealing.

At this point, I like to label and date the bread. Place it in the freezer and avoid placing anything on top until it’s fully frozen.

How to Thaw Pumpkin Bread

Remove the bread from its outer layer, either the foil or the freezer bag. Then, place it on a wire cooling rack before loosely opening the innermost foil or paper layer. Partially unwrapping the bread helps eliminate any condensation from forming, making the outside of the bread soggy. Let the bread stand at room temperature until thawed, about two to three hours. Rewrap the bread after it’s completely thawed.

How Long Can I Keep Pumpkin Bread Frozen?

Unlike like some baked goods that should never be frozen, pumpkin bread is hearty enough that it freezes quite well. Ideally, you’ll want to use it within three months or you run the risk of the bread developing an off, freezer-burnt flavor. If you’re concerned about some of the other foods in your freezer, our handy guide lets you know how long to keep your favorite foods frozen.

Can I Slice it Before Freezing?

I know what you’re thinking…“I’ll slice the loaf before I freeze it so I can remove a slice whenever I want one.” Remember what I said a few paragraphs above: Air is one of the biggest enemies. Guess what happens every time you open the package to grab a slice. That’s right, you expose the rest of the loaf to air.

If you’d like to enjoy just a few slices at a time then slice the bread into inch-thick slices. Stack two to four slices, separating each with a small piece of waxed or parchment paper and wrap each stack as described above. Then, when you want a slice, grab one of the small bundles and thaw it out. That way the rest of the bread will stay protected while you get to enjoy a couple of slices.

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