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How to Host a Beautiful Breakfast on Christmas Morning

Elevate your standard holiday breakfast with these lovely, premium recipes that capture the sophisticated spirit of the season.

Christmas morning is one of the most magical times of the entire holiday season. Start your festive celebrations off right with a beautiful holiday breakfast to fuel you (and your loved ones) for a day of gift-sharing, caroling and family traditions. We have the Christmas breakfast recipes you need for an elegant meal worth toasting.

1. Start off strong

With a day of indulgence ahead, breakfast is a great time to fuel up in between last-minute wrapping, opening stockings and family arrivals. Impress your loved ones with this delicious, savory breakfast ring that rivals the big roasted bird you’ll have at your dinnertime feast. Salty cured meat and fluffy eggs are stuffed inside a ring of delicious crescent roll dough while shredded Kerrygold cheddar cheese can further elevate the dish. Your guests will love that Kerrygold cheese is made with milk from grass-fed cows raised the natural way – free of growth hormones and nurtured on small, Irish family dairy farms.

Space-saving hack: For next-level presentation, cook individual servings and stack on a tiered stand for a festive, Christmas tree feel.

2. Toast to the holiday

Elevate your toast game with this quick and easy recipe for Fresh Fig Toasts with Kerrygold Savory Cheddar and herbs. The figs pack a sweet, juicy and candy-like punch while Kerrygold sliced cheese delivers a rich, creamy flavor perfect for enhancing any dish. Simple and delicious, these toasts make impressive appetizers for any breakfast or brunch celebration.

Serving tip: Who says you have to eat Christmas breakfast at the table? Take these handhelds to the tree and enjoy bites in between opening presents.

3. Transform a brunch classic

Transform the classic pairing of pears and blue cheese with this savory quiche. Sweet sautéed onions and pears match the bold flavors of blue cheese in this decadent version of a brunch staple. Fold a hearty amount of blue cheese into the crust and cover with the rest of the ingredients. Top the quiche with caramelized pears for an impressive crowd-pleaser that hits all the right notes.

4. Bake elegance

While the Cheddar-Butternut Squash Clafoutis, a savory and elegant take on a delicately sweet dessert, may look labor-intensive this eggy treat can be whisked together while the other dishes cook. Roast the squash first and then pile everything else into a pie pan. Bake until golden edges and a pillowy top puff up in the oven. Enjoy it at room temperature or as tasty, cold leftovers.

Cooking hack: For best results, use a black cast iron skillet or heavy pie pan because they retain the heat well.

5. Hit the sweet spot

For make-ahead hosting magic, try these Apple Pie Ricotta Waffles. Prepping the batter the night before allows the yeast to bloom ensuring the waffles come out fluffy and chewy. Substituting a dollop of ricotta results in moist, custard-like bites. Add a drizzle of honey or homemade syrup to the apples and this recipe is elevated to the exquisite.

Serving tip: Dust each waffle with a powdered sugar-cinnamon combo for a “cobbler-like” flavor burst.

Everyone thinks that Christmas dinner is the main event, but why not put together a breakfast spread that rivals your suppertime feast? With these Christmas breakfast recipes, you’ll have a sophisticated morning buffet that everyone loves!

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