How to Make a Balloon Garland for Your Next Celebration

It's not a party without balloons! Up your decorating game with a wow-worthy colorful balloon garland to match your theme. Here's how.

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Whether you’re hosting kids or adults, keeping it casual or having a fancier affair, balloons are a classic party decoration. But if you want to make a bigger statement, Melissa Johnson of Best Friends For Frosting says that putting together a balloon garland will instantly dress up a space and is sure to impress your guests. A balloon garland can frame a dessert table, or serve as a fun and colorful photo backdrop. They look amazing, and they’re actually pretty simple to DIY. Here’s how to make a balloon garland for your next party.

Store-Bought vs. DIY Balloon Garland

There are multiple options for putting together a balloon garland, and it’s entirely up to you how hands-on you’d like to be. “There are so many talented professionals who offer their services to create beautiful balloon garlands for parties,” says Johnson. Often, these professional garlands include multiple colors and sizes of balloons, along with the addition of other elements such as florals or sprigs of greenery. Of course, that includes paying for an expert’s time and materials. But it takes work off your plate, and most often, the pro will show up before your party to install the garland.

Using a kit from Etsy or Amazon is another good choice. It’s a cost-effective option, and it’ll make the process of choosing colors and balloon sizes that much easier. This route does require a bit of advance planning to order the kit in time, as well as some crafting skills. Here are more beautiful store-bought party decorations.

Of course, you can dive in and DIY the entire balloon garland! This option is budget-friendly, as the materials are very affordable. “You can even find everything you’ll need at the dollar store,” says Johnson. Just be sure to leave yourself plenty of time before the party to assemble your garland.

How to Make a DIY Balloon Garland

Balloon Garland Easter Party TableCourtesy Best Friends For Frosting, Balloon Garland: Ready Set Confetti

Tools You’ll Need

  • Balloons: Choose latex balloons. Stick with one color, different shades of the same color, or mix and match to create a pretty color palette. Or, stick with a party theme. You’ll need 65 to 100 balloons, depending on the desired garland length.
  • Balloon pump: Blowing up plenty of balloons may be tiresome. Save your breath by using a balloon pump.
  • Twine, ribbon or balloon strip tape: The choice of what to hang the balloons on is flexible. Twine or ribbon are affordable options. Balloon strip tape can make assembling the garland simpler.


Step 1: Measure the twine or tape

Measure out enough twine or strip tape to fit the space where you’d like to hang the balloon garland. Add one foot to each side to have extra twine for hanging the finished garland.

Step 2: Blow up the balloons

Blow up all of your balloons. Choose to blow them up at varying sizes to create contrast and dimension throughout the garland, or stick to the same size for each.

Step 3: Assemble the balloon garland

If you’re using strip tape, the tied end of each balloon can simply be inserted into the punched-out holes. Alternate between sizes and colors for an interesting design. If you’re using twine, cut additional three-inch pieces of twine for each balloon. Tie one end of the twine to the end of a balloon, and then use a double-knot to tie the other side to the long piece of twine. Continue to do this with each balloon, alternating sizes and colors, until the twine is filled up. You’ll be able to slide the balloons to fill in any gaps.

If you’d prefer to work with clusters for a very full look, tie the end of one balloon to the end of another. Add another different color or size of balloon. Then, use twine to attach the big cluster to the garland’s twine. Remember, there’s no strict pattern to follow. It’s all about mixing and matching to create an abstract design. Have fun with it!

Step 4: Hang the garland

Hang your balloon garland on a secure structure, such as a wall or door frame. Using Command Strip hooks is the simplest way to hang a balloon garland to provide easily accessible hooks for hanging. If you already have small nails present, you can use those to secure the twine to the wall. Fill in any gaps with additional small balloons or flowers or sprigs of greenery, if desired.

Don’t forget: it’s not a party without a great birthday cake!

Balloon Garland DIY Kits We Love

  • Rainbow Balloon Garland Kit: Make a splash with this rainbow design. This kit includes 85 different balloons, along with balloon tape, to make a colorful, creative garland.
  • Pastel Balloon Arch Kit: Add pretty pastels to a birthday party or baby shower. This kit includes 110 balloons, along with a balloon arch strip and ribbon to make a festive structure.
  • Custom Balloon Garland Kit: Customize the look of your garland with this kit. Choose from five different lengths and select your balloon choices from more than 30 color options. You’ll receive your custom balloon choices, along with a balloon strip, to put it all together.

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