Mexican Roll-Ups

Simple substitutions make for a quick, healthy appetizer!

It’s surprising what a quick substitution or two can do. By switching from full-fat products to reduced- or low-fat ingredients, you can often save fat and calories while keeping flavor and texture in many recipes.

This is certainly the case with Leigh Thomas’ Makeover Mexican Roll-Ups. The Hahira, Georgia reader created her own makeover by using fat-free cream cheese and fat-free sour cream. This helped cut 75 percent of the fat and nearly 75 percent of the cholesterol from each appetizer bite.

“I have been a health and physical education teacher for the past 19 years,” Leigh explains, “so I always try to serve healthier recipes to my friends and family. The original version of this tasty appetizer is wonderful, but I prefer the light variation instead.”

Fat-free products often require extra care in cooking. Heating them may result in less creamy products. But, since these appetizers don’t have to be cooked, they’re a perfect fit for fat-free ingredients and Leigh’s healthier meals for family and friends.

Healthy Outlook:
Try using whole wheat tortillas in the roll-ups for extra fiber.

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