3 Simple Ways to Save Serious Cash at Kroger

It all starts with those yellow tags.

The love of saving money is in my genes. In fact, my sister and her teenage daughter regularly save over 80% with couponing secrets they unlock with their smartphones (and you can, too!). That takes a lot of dedication—and a bit more time than I’m willing to devote to saving money at the grocery store.

That’s why I love, love, love my new discovery at Kroger—the yellow-tag sale items. If you like saving money, too, read on for my three easy tricks to score some serious savings at Kroger.

sale items at KrogerChristine Rukavena/Taste of Home

1. Get to know the yellow-tag sections.

I save crazy money at Kroger on produce, meat, yogurt and other staples I always need. I’ve scored $5 ribeyes and pomegranates for 50¢ each. Really! All you have to do is train your eye to look for the yellow and red sale tags that proudly proclaim, “Woohoo! Great Deal!”

Woohoo! items are typically placed together, such as in one area of the meat case or an out-of-the-way corner of the floral department (where you can score a pretty bouquet for as little as $2), or a single rack in the produce section. All of the items are fresh, but approaching their sell-by date, so Kroger is looking to move them along. Sometimes the produce is just not as pretty as one would like—so you save big!

Christine Rukavena/Taste of Home

2. Train your eye to spot ’em elsewhere.

Staples like ready-to-eat salad greens and yogurt are a bit trickier. I find discounts on them about a third of the time. There may be just a few items, and they’re tucked right in among the full-price choices. In time, you’ll be able to spot them more easily.

It pays here to not be too picky. Since I usually eat a yogurt each morning, I was thrilled to score this usually pricey, really nutritious Greek yogurt for almost half off. I bought all three packs I found.

couponChristine Rukavena/Taste of Home

3. Pile on the coupons.

Another great thing about yellow-tag sale items? They’re totally combinable with coupons! I don’t go couponing-crazy like my teenage niece (who saved an epic $359 in one Dollar General haul). But I will use the coupons Kroger sends to my mailbox and smartphone. It pays to join the store’s loyalty program.

Thanks to these deals-on-deals, I got a tub of organic salad greens for 74¢ ($1.49 yellow-tag sale, plus a 75¢ store coupon). I also saved a buck on unsalted butter and got my morning English muffins for free!

Want to find even more bargains? Check out 10 more ways to save at any grocery store.

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