This Is How to Use a Potato Peeler the Right Way, According to a Viral Video

This TikTok video shows you how to take full advantage of the most underrated tool in your kitchen.

It’s fair to say we’ve learned a lot from TikTok lately, like how to remove stains from Tupperware and clean an oven the easy way. The folks on TikTok are always sharing new hacks, from cooking and cleaning to pointing out how to use kitchen tools. For example, did you know there’s a right way to fill ice cube trays?

Your potato peeler may be the niftiest gadget in your kitchen—but you’ve been using it all wrong. Thanks to this viral TikTok video, we’re learning how to use a potato peeler without the extra elbow grease.

Who Knew You Could Use a Peeler Like This?

We’ve all struggled to get the perfect potato peel. It’s always those pesky eyes getting in the way and disrupting the flow of your swipe. TikTok user @The_EugeFood realized your peeler actually comes equipped with a convenient scoop for banishing the eyes on potatoes.

All you have to do is dig in, pry out the eyes and voila! Your favorite potato soup recipe now comes totally eye-free.

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Forewarning: not all vegetable peelers have this ingenious little feature. If your peeler is missing a scoop, it’s our advice to invest in a different one—don’t gamble by digging out the eyes with a kitchen knife if you can avoid it.

That’s Not All Your Peeler Can Do!

If peeling is more taxing than the whole eye removal ordeal, TikTok has one more trick you might want to try. The unspoken rule about peeling veggies is to swipe in only one direction, but you’re actually costing yourself more time. @Liv.Dalton on TikTok showed us that the dual blade on your peeler can actually handle both directions for easy peeling.

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Who knew your veggie peeler was such an efficient kitchen tool? Just make sure you don’t knick your fingers by accident.

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