Husbands’ Messiest Habits, According to Twitter

We discovered guys’ most interesting ways of keeping house, from neglecting the trash to using creative cleaning products—as told by their hilarious wives in 140 characters max.

Dirty messy dishes in a sink, view from abovePhoto: Shutterstock / Sergey Peterman
Photo: Shutterstock / Sergey Peterman

Unless you’re a neat freak, when it comes to housework, we all wish we could snap our fingers and the house would magically clean itself, from washing dishes to scrubbing the bathtub. For these 10 women, there’s an added item on the to-do list: cleaning up after their partner. In less than 140 characters, these tweeters shared their husbands’ messiest habits.

1. So Fresh, So Clean

From now on, @poodlewalker10 may want to keep an eye on her husband when he reaches for the cleaning supplies. Although their home may have smelled fresh and clean, the couple’s supply of mouthwash was a little lighter that day.

2. The Amazing Race

Taking out the trash is never fun, so @thejuliemyers tried to turn the chore into a bit of a game. Unfortunately, she found that when it comes to challenging her husband in the race to the Dumpster, she’ll always come in first.

3. Who Took the Cookie?

Chocolate lovers know there’s nothing quite like the joy of pulling a homemade chocolate chip cookie from the jar. But imagine the disappointment this one faced when she lifted the lid. Not only did @julesserkin find a single half-eaten cookie, her husband left behind the crumbs for her to clean up.

4. Last Call

Clearing dirty dishes from the table is always appreciated, but as @RothweilerEvent pointed out, guys may want to wait until their wives are finished before taking the dishes away.

5. Look Before You Sleep

We all have our own methods of changing the sheets. Here’s what happened when @NerdyPam discovered her husband’s unusual way of making the bed.

6. What’s Under the Bed?

The mystery of what happens to lone socks has long gone unsolved…until now. Thanks to @annoyedforever, now we know where to find them.

7. Deep Cleaning

Let’s face it: When it comes to washing the dishes, we’re all looking for shortcuts. Lucky for those of us who can’t stand the chore, one guy found a cunning answer to the question, “Are the dishes clean?”

8. You’re on Your Own

Cleaning up your own messes is tiring enough, but imagine adding the gruesome chore of washing out the blender from your husband’s day-old protein shake. That nightmare came true for this woman, but she seemed to take it all in stride. (Hey, Mr. @HaileyCheyanne1, we have a shortcut for you!)

9. Laundry Lessons

It’s never a good sign when your husband’s laundry skills are such that he can’t tell the difference between the washer and the dryer. @elizbaker05 thinks it’s time to take action.

10. A Little Soap in Your Mouth

Sharing a bathroom with your hubby can mean an all-out battle for counter space. Things got a little too close for comfort when it came to @604fashionista’s toothbrush.

On second thought, maybe some of these habits are as endearing as they are annoying. In any case, life’s always better—even the chores—when you come at it with a sense of humor.

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