Here’s Why You Should Get Ice at McDonald’s from Now On

Many people may not know that you can grab a bag to-go at your local Mickey D's!

There’s a lot to love about McDonald’s—that’s why the fast-food restaurant has been going strong since 1940. You may think you know all the ins and outs of your local Mickey D’s, but some employee secrets are still getting discovered. And no, we’re not talking about the McDonald’s birthday cakes. You can actually buy bags of ice at McDonald’s!

How You Can Get Ice at McDonald’s

When you’ve got a big get-together to prepare for, you might need some fresh ice to cushion your beverages. Running to a busy grocery store or gas station isn’t always the easiest route. That’s where ordering a bag of ice from one of your favorite fast-food place comes in. It may sound a little odd ordering it alongside your Big Mac and fries, but bags of ice are a purchasable item on the McDonald’s menu.

McDonald’s offers cubed ice (sorry, crushed ice fans) for between $0.99 and $1.50 per bag. And honestly? That’s a total steal! Not all McDonald’s will have this amazing price point, so keep that in mind when ordering.

You can either go into the restaurant and order the ice at the register or get it from the comfort of your car in the drive-thru! You may need to ask for a manager if the employee is unsure of the process. Then, when you’re home, use this trick to keep the ice from sticking together.

My family’s been buying ice from McDonald’s for a long time. When we went to softball tournaments, we’d swing by for a quick meal and a bag of ice for the cooler! Convenient and cheap.

Can I save money this way?

It all depends on your local McDonald’s. Some grocery and convenience stores may sell for less, so it’s good to check before. Bags of ice at 7/11 start around $2.50, while Walmart is around $4 for 20 pounds. My local grocery stores sell 7-pound bags for $1.50, so it’s comparable to McDonald’s. It all depends on how much ice you need. To get the best price, it never hurts to shop around.

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