Numerous Ice Cream Flavors Are Getting Recalled. Is Yours Affected?

Hint: They all come from this one grocery store

It is a sad, sad day for ice cream. Well, at least for a few brands sold over at H-E-B. This grocery store issued a recall on Wednesday, May 30 for certain flavors and container sizes of ice cream. Luckily there are no traces of disease within these mixes (such as listeria, which was found in these ice cream bars earlier this year). But they are getting recalled for broken metal which was found during routine maintenance in the ice cream’s processing equipment. We certainly aren’t screaming for this ice cream…

Flavors that have been affected

Although this is a voluntary recall, all products that have potentially been affected have been removed from the H-E-B shelves. If you’re a frequenter at H-E-B and recently purchased a carton of ice cream, here’s a full list of recalls from H-E-B’s website.

  • EconoMax Neopolitan (4122092736) – 4 quarts, best by 6/1/19 through 6/23/19
  • EconoMax Neopolitan (4122092733) – 56 ounces, best by 6/24/19
  • EconoMax Vanilla (4122092734) – 4 quarts, best by 5/24/19 through 6/17/19
  • EconoMax Vanilla (4122092731) – 56 Ounces, best by 5/26/19 through 5/27/19
  • Hill Country Fare Chocolate (4122090944) – 4.5 quarts, best by 6/24/19
  • Hill Country Fare Cookies and Cream (4122092215) – 56 ounces, best by 5/27/19 through 5/28/19
  • Hill Country Fare Fudge Revel (4122090946) – 4.5 quarts, best by 6/7/19 through 6/8/19
  • Hill Country Fare Neopolitan (4122090943) – 4.5 quarts, best by 6/3/19 through 6/22/19
  • Hill Country Fare Neopolitan (4122092212) – 56 ounces, best by 6/25/19
  • Hill Country Fare Neopolitan Mexico (4122010102) 4.5quarts, best by 6/17/19 through 6/18/19
  • Hill Country Fare Strawberry Revel (4122090947) – 4.5 quarts, best by 6/8/19 through 6/9/19
  • Hill Country Fare Vanilla (4122090942) – 4.5 quarts, best by 6/6/19 through 6/7/19
  • HEB CC Fruit Punch Sherbet (4122083898) – Quart, best by 12/22/18
  • HEB CC Lime Sherbet (4122034607) – Quart, best by 11/19/18 through 11/20/18
  • HEB CC NSA Orange Sherbet (4122083895) – Quart, best by 11/28/18
  • HEB CC NSA Strawberry Sherbet (4122083897) – Quart, best by 11/27/18 through 11/28/18
  • HEB CC Orange Sherbet Vanilla Cream Swirl (4122083897) – Quart, best by 12/10/18 through 12/11/18
  • HEB CC Rainbow Sherbet (4122097260) – Quart, 12/11/18 through 12/12/18
  • HEB CC Strawberry Sherbet Vanilla Cream Swirl (4122083896) – Quart, 11/26/18 through 11/27/18

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says there has yet to be any reported injuries so far due to this incident. If you have any of the products listed above, the FDA urges for you to contact HEB at 1-855-432-4438. They are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Central Time between Monday and Friday.

Debris in the mix? Not a first.

As scary as this recall is, finding debris from the production of food isn’t actually a first. Recently a beef recall was issued for over 35,000 pounds of ground beef products due to pieces of plastic that may have been included in the mix. Although the beef (or ice cream) could be completely safe, there is no reason to take a chance something that could be incredibly dangerous.

Yes, having to return that ice cream is rather devastating. But you can easily replace it by making one of these delicious homemade ice cream recipes!

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