So, Your Sam’s Club Is Closing: Here’s What to Do About Your Membership

Has your local Sam's Club closed its doors? If so, you're probably wondering what is going to happen in regard to your membership. Fear not: We have all the information you need!

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On Jan. 11, 2018, Sam’s Club shocked many Americans by closing 39 stores around the country. An additional 24 stores will close on Jan. 26. Many customers and employees of the Walmart-owned warehouse chain were taken aback as they approached the front doors, only to discover a “closed” sign. It left many people wondering what would happen to their membership.

Luckily, Sam’s Club has a money-back guarantee that states: “If at any time a member is unsatisfied with your Membership, let us know and we will cancel your membership and provide a refund of the amount paid for your current year Membership fee.”

What steps should you take?

Cancel your membership and request a refund in any one of these three ways. Whatever option you choose, you must do so by March 31, 2018.

  1. Go to this page on the Sam’s Club website.
  2. Call Sam’s Club customer service at 888-746-7726.
  3. Visit any Sam’s Club location that is still in operation.

How will you get your refund?

Sam’s Club gives you three options:

  1. A free three-month membership extension that may be used at another location.
  2. An e-gift card, valid at both Sam’s Club and Walmart, which will be available within seven days. You may print the e-gift card and exchange it for the typical plastic type at a brick-and-mortar Sam’s Club or Walmart.
  3. A check, which will be mailed to you within six weeks.

What if you have a Sam’s Club gift card?

Fortunately, should you have a loaded Sam’s Club gift card, you are not out of luck. Just like e-gift cards mentioned above, Walmart stores also accept Sam’s Club gift cards.

If you’re wondering what will happen to the employees whose positions have been eliminated, Sam’s Club CEO John Furner said this: “We know this is difficult news for our associates and we are working to place as many of them as possible at nearby locations.”

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