This Popular Coffee Brand Is Getting Recalled. Is It in Your Pantry?

More than 65,000 containers have already been sent back!

As Americans weren’t handling enough recalls at the moment (like this egg recall due to a salmonella outbreak or the 35,000+ pounds of recalled ground beef), it seems that another one is happening around the world. But this time, the food product doesn’t have any kind of disease. In fact, the coffee is perfectly fine to drink. It’s the packaging you have to worry about.

Illy coffee beans are being recalled due to the coffee cans that they come in. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the lids of these 8.8-ounce whole bean coffee cans can “detach suddenly with force upon opening when missing an air valve on the bottom,” causing serious injury. No injuries have been reported yet, but more than 65,000 cans have been sent back to Illy since the recall date of May 10, 2018.

Which coffee cans should I look for?

There are three different types of cans being recalled because they’re missing the air valve. All three are 250-gram, 8.8-ounce cans. The types to look out for include the Whole Bean Medium Roast (with the best-by dates of 10/2019, 11/2019 and 12/2019), Whole Bean Dark Roast (best by 10/2019 and 11/2019) and the Whole Bean Decaf (best by 10/2019). The accent colors are red for the Medium Roast, black for the Dark Roast, and green for the Decaf.

Images courtesy of U.S. CPSC

Where is Illy sold?

Illy sells coffee at numerous popular stores and websites. These include Bed Bath & Beyond, Kroger, Shoprite, Sur La Table, Target, Whole Foods, Williams Sonoma, and, among others. Price for each can range around $15, and the coffee is manufactured in Italy.

How do I know if my can is affected?

If you have recently purchased one of these three types of whole bean cans, look at the bottom of the can immediately. If the can is distorted (like there’s extra air inside the can), then your can is probably affected, especially if it has one of the best-by dates listed in the recall.

I have one of these cans. What do I do with it?

If you have one of the affected coffee cans from Illy, contact the company directly, either by email or submit a form on their website. Once you have worked out how to return the can, the company will replace it completely for free.

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