Peeps Coffee Creamer Is Already Back in Stores

You'll have plenty of time to enjoy Peeps creamer before Easter.

Now that the holidays are over, Easter is basically right around the corner. A favorite of coffee creamer lovers everywhere, International Delight, has just brought back its most fabulous flavor for the season, and shoppers are raving about it already.

It’s Like Marshmallow, But Stronger

Peeps-flavored coffee creamer is back. It turns out that sugar-coated marshmallows taste pretty good in coffee, because this flavor is already in stores and it’s only January. International Delight is no stranger to pushing the flavor boundaries (hello, Reese’s creamer), but we’re surprised that so many coffee drinkers love this sweet marshmallow treat. In fact, some shoppers reported stocking up last Easter!

The One Thing You Should Know Before You Buy

Keeping true to the Peeps hue, International Delights made the creamer itself a bright yellow. You read that right—YELLOW. The brand justified it on their site by saying, “Because it’s PEEPS and we can.” Hey, more power to ’em!

Possibly the best part about this new flavor is the bottle. It’s a pretty pastel made to complement the Easter season, and it will definitely stand out among the Easter Jell-O salads in your refrigerator.

Keep Your Eyes Open for This Peeps Creamer

Peeps fanatics are in luck. The creamer hit the shelf way early this year. It’s listed on both the Walmart and Target websites, and we’ve heard that it’s at Meijer, too. Not at your local grocery store yet? Don’t worry. According to the International Delight website, you’ll be able to find it in most major retailers well before Easter.

Remember, the Peeps coffee creamer will only be around for a limited time. Stock up now for Easter morning!

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