This Viral Amazon Tool Makes It So Much Easier to Open Stubborn Jars

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Almost 16,000 Amazon reviewers say this jar opener is a total game-changer.

Stop struggling to open your favorite jarred tomato sauce. This genius under-cabinet EZ Off Jar Opener is a hand and space-saving kitchen gadget pro cooks use at home.

As a Home Editor, I’ve seen and reviewed my fair share of helpful kitchen gadgets, like air fryer liners and an easy-to-use butter spreader. When it comes to the EZ Off jar opener, I have to agree with the almost 16,000 enthusiastic Amazon reviews and a nearly perfect 4.7 star rating—this is a handy kitchen tool! It’s especially useful if you have issues with grip strength.

What is the EZ Off Jar Opener?

This under-cabinet jar opener offers a more functional way to open stubborn jarred items at home without asking anyone for help (or banging glass jars on the counter, eek!) The EZ Off is ideal for those who have arthritis, joint issues or live alone and can’t ask a loved one to twist off a tight top. The sleek, white plastic device grabs hold of any size lid and simply twists it off with the flick of your wrist.

It works on small items like bottled water and nail polish, but also makes factory-sealed wide containers of pickles, peanuts and jams a cinch to open. It neatly hides out of sight under your cabinets or cupboard shelves so it won’t be an eyesore or take up valuable kitchen island cart drawer space.

This easy-to-install jar opener is also ideal for:

  • Those with carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Children
  • Those with limited joint mobility
  • Small kitchens with limited storage space
  • Anyone who ever got way too frustrated opening a jar of pickles

How To Install the EZ Off Jar Opener

One of the most appealing parts of the EZ Off Jar Opener is just how simple it is to install and use. It works on the tiniest bottles of your best vanilla extract all the way up to commercial-size tubs of cooking oil and everything in between. This jar opener hides neatly out of sight under a cabinet. It’s a breeze to install thanks to pre-attached peel-and-stick adhesive and three included screws—no storage space or major power tools required.

How To Use the EZ Off Jar Opener

Once you install it, all you have to do to use it is slide the jar of your choice into the narrowest part of the EZ off and make a twisting motion with your hand and wrist. The device helps your body create leverage to quickly open even the most stubborn jars. Say so long to all the time and energy you’d ordinarily waste trying to open food jars.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

Amazon reviewers hail the EZ Off as their “best-ever” purchase thanks to its ease of use and no-fuss installation.

“Finally, someone has invented the perfect jar opener that is simple and requires no space in your kitchen drawers or counters,” writes one five-star verified Amazon purchaser. “There was another reviewer who suggested placing the opener with the sharp end of the V closest to you and with it placed in the front, right corner under your cabinet. I followed those directions and it works perfectly and easily. I have already placed an order for another one for a gift for my sister.”

Ken Griffeth, another verified Amazon purchaser, was so pleasantly surprised by the EZ Off that he ordered two. “Though I admit to being a senior citizen, I don’t think of myself as old by any means. I can still open a jar with no problem. I bought this for my father-in-law, and after we put it up, I fell in love with this thing and ordered myself one. It’s so easy to use it’s crazy. I put it under an overhead cabinet, and he slides a jar in with both hands and the lid pops right off no matter how hard it’s stuck on.”

Where To Buy the EZ Off Jar Opener

Ez Off Jar Opener PiVia

The best place to get your own EZ Off jar opener is on Amazon. You probably want to hurry—this popular kitchen gadget keeps selling out thanks to its cheap under-$20 price point and real-world utility.

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