Java Chip Oreos Will Be Here “Very Soon,” But Only for a Limited Time

You can't go wrong with coffee and chocolate—especially in Oreo form!

There’s almost nothing we love more than a new Oreo announcement! How can you not be excited when you hear about new flavors like Chocolate Marshmallow? The classic milk-dunkin’ dessert only seems to get better and better with each passing year. Well, it seems we’ve got a new flavor on the horizon, and it may be the best one yet.

All you coffee lovers out there, saddle up. Java Chip Oreos are coming your way!

What’s in the Java Chip Oreos?

The Oreos are reported to have coffee-flavored creme with chocolate chips sandwiched between two chocolate cookie wafers. Does that not sound like the greatest combination? If you’re already familiar with java chips, you may know them because of the popular Starbucks Frappuccino (and the secret menu Twix Frappuccino). If not, they’re pretty much regular chocolate chips that are used specifically for flavored coffee drinks.

We first heard about this rumored flavor from Instagram user @candyhunting:

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New Java Chip Oreos will be out very soon! They have coffee flavored creme with chocolatey chips! You heard it here first!

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According to @candyhunting’s post, the new flavor will be “coming very soon.” I’ll wait as long as I need to give these puppies a whirl! I can just imagine taking a handful of them in the morning to dunk in my hot coffee as a morning pick-me-up.

How Soon Is “Very Soon”?

Well, hopefully ASAP. We can’t be sure though, and until it’s officially confirmed, we can only sit and wait patiently. Hopefully they come out while it’s still toasty outside so we can use them in these two-ingredient Oreo popsicles!

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