3 Paint Colors That Will Never Go Out of Style, According to Joanna Gaines

Keep things fresh yet timeless with paint colors from Magnolia Network design expert Joanna Gaines.

Choosing the right paint colors for your home can be stressful. Too bright, too dark, too beige—the right (or wrong) color palette makes all the difference. Throw in the added pressure that color might be the first thing someone notices about a room, and the paint selection process can go from fun to frightful fast.

We’re all for DIY projects, but that doesn’t mean we don’t take advice from pros—like Joanna Gaines.

Jo’s explained before how color can make or break a home. Real Homes shares that on her own home, Jo chose a paint color that wasn’t right, and didn’t realize until the entire exterior of her home was “highlighter yellow.” Oops! But she’s learned a thing or two since her early days, and after a successful run with HGTV’s Fixer Upper, a blog and a wildly popular decor brand, she’s got a list of paint colors she swears by.

Even serious fans of Chip and Joanna Gaines might not know all the Fixer Upper facts.

1. Neutral Whites

Ship Lap PaintVia Magnolia.com

This shade is an interior design staple. In fact, it’s one of Jonathan Scott’s favorite paint colors, too. It’s clean, calm and creates the perfect canvas for furniture pieces and wall decor. Jo says the best spot for white paint is the living room, kitchen or other high-traffic areas, according to Country Living.

While white keeps things fresh, it can sometimes be a little abrasive on the eyes if it’s too bright. That’s why Jo recommends something neutral, creamy and inviting, like Shiplap from her Magnolia collection.

2. Botanical Greens

Magnolia Green Paint Via Magnolia.comVia Magnolia.com

No farmhouse is complete without fresh spring shades somewhere! Green pops, especially if a majority of the house is painted some shade of white. Jo’s not talking lime green, either—instead, opt for something soft and natural, like Magnolia Green, or Silverado Sage for something darker.

If you’re hesitant to have an all-green room, consider using the color on doors or accent walls, especially in areas like bathrooms for an easy refresh.

3. Bold Blues

Weekend Paint Swab Via Magnolia.comVia Magnolia.com

Not everyone is a fan of dark paint colors—and we get it. They can be intimidating, and visually shrink your space if you don’t choose the right one. Shades of blue are popular in modern color palettes, and they’re usually a safe bet for spaces like bedrooms, according to Joanna Gaines. Think something with grayish undertones and an overall cool feel, like Magnolia’s Weekend or Demo Day. These options aren’t too dark, yet they’re still a sophisticated, clean and calm pop of color.

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