This New Kahlua Cold Brew Is Made with Rum for the Perfect Pick-Me-Up

This Kahlua Cold Brew is PERFECT for brunch.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it one hundred times—I LOVE coffee. All the different flavors and blends and roasts just make me so excited to try every one! It truly isn’t a good day unless I have a cup ‘o joe in my hand. Lately, I’ve been riding the cold brew coffee train with drinks like the almond milk cold brew at Starbucks. It’s smooth, rich and definitely wakes me up for the morning.

Well, I have a new beverage to sample. Introducing the Kahlua Nitro Cold Brew!

Mid-Morning Mimosas Are SO Yesterday

Hopefully you’ve gotten a chance to try Kahlua yourself, but if you haven’t, let me explain this perfect beverage. It’s a popular rum and coffee liqueur blend that is amazing on its own or even better in a White Russian. Trust me, nothing beats it.

Now, Kahlua has answered my subconscious prayers and bestowed upon us a marvelous new morning pick-me-up. Their latest Kahlua Nitro Cold Brew is everything you never knew you needed. The ready-to-drink cans contain real arabica coffee with notes of caramel, chocolate and vanilla mixed with Kahlua’s signature liqueur, all while being impossibly smooth and outstandingly creamy. It’s even got the perfect layer of foam on top!

Like most other cold brew coffees, Kahlua steeps their arabica coffee for at least 18 hours. That’s how you get that deep, rich coffee flavor. The cans are built with a nitrogen-filled widget to create an extra creamy texture. Each can has only 80 calories and a 4.5% ABV.

Where to Find the Kahlua Cold Brew

You can find 4-packs of the Nitro Cold Brew cans at Kroger, Albertsons and Total Wine for $9.99. Hopefully, they’ll make their way to other stores soon, so keep an eye out next time you go shopping. This is a coffee you don’t want to miss!

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Melany Love
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