We Tried Kerrygold Irish Cream. Is It as Good as Their Butter?

Your favorite butter brand is so much more. We tried Kerrygold Irish cream and found out if it's worth celebrating this St. Patrick's Day (and any other day).

Chances are you know Kerrygold for its irresistibly creamy butter. Imported from Ireland, this butter is made from grass-fed cows and is beloved by bakers and cooks alike. But it turns out the brand channels its exceptionally smooth cream into another kind of product—one you’ll want for St. Patrick’s Day (and maybe every day): Irish cream!

What Makes Kerrygold Irish Cream Different?

All Irish creams are made with cream, Irish whiskey and additional flavors like cocoa and vanilla (in fact, you can even make it yourself). Like any good recipe, though, the quality of those ingredients makes a big difference in the final product.

What sets Kerrygold apart, as with its butter, is the cream that serves as the base. According to Kerrygold, the small Irish farms that produce the cream are held to the highest quality standards—standards that help produce an exceptional Irish cream. The company says that this quality product makes the liqueur a thrid creamier than its competitors.

But that’s not the only difference. Kerrygold also makes use of real chocolate—not chocolate flavorings. Combined with aged Irish whiskey, this Irish cream is a bit different than others. In fact, it won the World’s Best Liqueur Award back in 2016.

But How Does This Irish Cream Taste?

It’s never enough just to hear about an exceptional product—especially from a fan-favorite brand. You know we had to put it to the test on the rocks and in coffee.

From the first pour, we could tell that Kerrygold Irish cream was different. It was much darker than other popular Irish creams, making it seem richer. But appearance is nothing compared with taste.

On its own, Kerrygold Irish cream is exceptionally rich. Staffers could tell this liqueur was creamier than most other cream-based drinks. But Irish cream is so much more than its base. We got bold chocolate flavor—real chocolate flavor—which we really enjoyed. As one staffer put it, “This is like adult chocolate milk.” The cream also had some hints of caramel and vanilla. Of course, we got that whiskey kick at the very end, but this still went down smoothly.

It wasn’t hard for us to come to a verdict on this one: Kerrygold is a better Irish cream. It’s exceptionally velvety and a welcome indulgent addition to coffee (or just served over ice).

You can find Kerrygold Irish cream at stores nationwide, including Total Wine & More. A bottle will cost you about $22—a worthwhile investment for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and special occasion sips.

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