Kit Kat Drumsticks Are the Ultimate Summer Treat

Kit Kat Drumsticks combine a fan-favorite candy with smooth, rich ice cream.

Kit Kat lovers, rejoice! Kit Kat recently released their new Mint + Dark Chocolate bar and two all-new summer flavors, but there’s still more goodness to munch on. Kit Kat Drumsticks made their way to store shelves in summer of last year, and now they’re making a strong comeback as the weather warms up.

We can’t imagine a better treat poolside!

So what exactly is a Kit Kat Drumstick?

The star of Nestle’s latest ice cream product is right on the top of the cone. It’s like a classic Drumstick, but instead of a peanut topping, the cones have bits of Kit Kat wafers sprinkled in the chocolate shell. With the vanilla ice cream and fudgy center, it’s the perfect balance of chocolate, vanilla and Kit Kat crunch.

Maybe best of all, the Kit Kat version has a bite of chocolate in the bottom of the cone, just like the classic Drumstick. We haven’t been this excited since the Oreo Most Stuf cookies!

What are people saying about ’em?

For adults and kids alike, the Kit Kat cones are guaranteed to be a sweet treat. Nestle likes to bring a fresh spin to its candy cones, and customers can’t get enough. Snack review site Snack Gator gave the Kit Kat ice cream cones rave reviews, and we’re so ready to buy a box (or ten).

Where do you find Kit Kat Drumsticks?

The ice cream treats are at your nearest Kroger and Sam’s Club now. You can get a 4-pack for around $4 a pop at Kroger, and Sam’s Club is serving up a 16-count for around $10 per box. What’s better is these treats are available for delivery and pickup at Kroger, so now’s the time to get ordering on your favorite grocery delivery app.

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The chocolate ones don’t have the fudgy center, but they’re sure to please chocoholics everywhere!

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