Kit Kat Mocha + Chocolate Duos Will Be Here in 2020

Kit Kat Mocha + Chocolate Duos bring together coffee and chocolate for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

Take some luscious chocolate, mix in a cup of coffee and what do you get? The perfect flavor combination. It’s no secret that we all love coffee and chocolate together more than we can explain—it’s one reason we can’t resist a good mocha.

Now this flavor combo is being shaped into a Kit Kat bar, and we can’t wait!

Introducing Kit Kat Mocha + Chocolate Duos

No doubt you’ve had a few Kit Kats in your life, and you can’t help but appreciate that classic wafer snap. While Kit Kats are known for introducing new flavors every year (there are over 200+ in Japan alone), it seems they always manage to keep us on our toes. So, what’s in store for 2020?

In December 2019, Kit Kats revolutionized its candy bar when they introduced the Kit Kat Mint + Dark Chocolate Duos. That’s two flavors enveloping those famous wafer cookies. What could be better? Riding the success of the Duos from last year, Kit Kat has decided to grace us with the Kit Kat Mocha + Chocolate Duos.

This new Kit Kat flavor consists of “crisp wafers in mocha creme with coffee bits + chocolate.” I honestly can’t think of a more exciting candy bar. My love for coffee knows no bounds, and the snap of a Kit Kat in my hand is a small pleasure I cannot get enough of! I hope the coffee bits are pieces of actual coffee beans. You know, like chocolate-covered coffee beans? That’s a highly underrated midday snack, if you ask me.

When Can We Expect the Duos?

Currently, they are set for release in November 2020. It may seem impossible to wait that long (yes, it’s still only August), but you can do it. Besides, having something to look forward to will help keep us going. I know for a fact I’ll be snapping them day and night as soon as I get the chance. Is it November yet?

In the meantime, we’re looking out for new Java Chip Oreos.

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