Kit Kat Just Revealed a Strawberry + Dark Chocolate Flavor for Valentine’s Day

Break me off a piece of that new Kit Kat bar!

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Valentine’s Day is almost here, and Kit Kat is sending us the sweetest gift: a brand-new flavor. While a classic Kit Kat with its luscious chocolate and snappy crunch is sure to please, sampling creative new flavors is just as satisfying. (Remember Kit Kat Raspberry Creme?)

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Kit Kat has transformed chocolate-covered strawberries into Kit Kat Strawberry + Dark Chocolate Duos.

Everything We Know About This Kit Kat’s Valentine’s Day Candy

Kit Kat isn’t afraid to get creative! Each of the weird and wonderful Kit Kat flavors has a special place in our hearts.

But we truly can’t wait to say “be mine” to this new dark chocolate and strawberry Kit Kat flavor. Featuring rich, decadent dark chocolate paired with the flavor of fresh strawberries, this new treat mimics chocolate-covered strawberries in the most delicious way. Both dark chocolate and strawberry envelop those classic crispy wafers.

It’s the latest addition to the Kit Kat Duos line, joining Mint + Dark Chocolate and Mocha + Chocolate. And the best part? No heartbreak with this candy bar! It’ll stick around past Valentine’s Day as part of the permanent Kit Kat lineup.

Where Can I Buy the Kit Kats?

Kit Kat Duos Strawberry + Dark Chocolate will be available in stores nationwide. Look for the new flavor at Kroger, Target and Walmart. Another option? If you want a whole box shipped right to your door, you can order the new Kit Kats on Amazon so you’ll have plenty on hand to make this Kit Kat cake.

This Kit Kat flavor is set to release before Valentine’s Day, so grab a bar for yourself and a bar to share with your sweetheart!

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