10 Kitchen Gadgets That Make Weight Loss a No-Brainer

Even if you work out consistently and push your physical limits, the key to meeting weight loss goals isn't found in the sweat puddle on your mat. Instead? It's in your diet. If you need a little inspiration in the form of new kitchen gadgets to help you meet your pound-dropping goals, consider these.

To make healthy food more fun

Stovetop Smokervia amazon.com

If part of the reason why you haven’t been successful in the past when you’ve tried to go down a dress size is because you get bored with the food, here’s a solution. Since many so-called healthy recipes can get boring or tasteless when you repeat them, why not change the flavor profile by smoking your meats or vegetables? No space for a grill? You don’t need to have a backyard deck with this stovetop smoker. It easily infuses flavor without using fats, oils, salts, or the added calories those bring, all while maintaining moisture and natural cooking flavors. This means you’ll actually enjoy that grilled chicken instead of thinking it’s blah-and-dry. Try these 42 tips to lose weight fast.

Camerons Original Stovetop Smoker, $50

For when you’re overworked

As much as you’d love to spend seven hours meal prepping for the week on Sunday (after your morning yoga class, of course), managing a household, your career, your marriage, and your um, sanity, doesn’t allow the block in your calendar. But if your overworked lifestyle means you’re constantly grabbing packaged, carb and sugar-filled snacks because it’s convenient, let a pressure cooker take care of the work for you. As an upgrade to your slow cooker, this 12-in-1 model makes healthy food legit a press of a button with functions like oatmeal, rice, soup, steam, baby food, and more.

T-fal 12-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, $100

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