Lay’s Just Dropped This NEW Game Day-Inspired Flavor—Here’s Where to Find It

Put that slow cooker away! You can enjoy these delicious chili chips all by themselves.

Potato chips were first invented around the early 1800s, and since have become the salty snack staple made popular all around the world. With such a staggering amount of love for these crispy potato slices, it’s no surprise we have such a variety of flavors! Not too long ago, Lay’s released a Salted Caramel flavor of their beloved chips. Kinda crazy, right?

That’s why we adore potato chips so much, though! They’re simple, easily accessible and incredibly versatile when it comes to flavors. Take these new Game Day Chili Lay’s for example—too good to resist!

Introducing Game Day Chili Lay’s

Say hello to your new favorite football snack. It’s no secret that Lay’s likes to switch it up when it comes to kinds of chips, so we’re not surprised they’re releasing a flavor specifically made for football fans. This chip tastes exactly as it sounds…like Super Bowl-approved chili!

According to the package, we can expect not only the spicy, meaty flavor we all know and love, but also some cheddar cheese and sour cream to top it all off! If you’re anything like me, you love a bit of crunch with your chili. Whether that be dipping in some delicious butter crackers or maybe even some toasted French bread, the textures complement each other very well. That’s why chili taking the form of chips is so ingenious!

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When Will They Be Available?

While we totally wish we could stop by the store today, they won’t be available until the first week of January 2021. They’ll be a limited edition release, so don’t dawdle on your way to the store. They’re bound to be available in most retail chains. And, even though these chips were totally made for all the soon-to-be (socially distant) Super Bowl parties, we have a feeling they’ll stick around for a little while longer.

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