Lined Cake Pan

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I make a Brazil nut cake that calls for lining the pan with waxed paper. I grease the pan and then put in the paper. But the paper sticks to the nuts at the top edge of the pan, and I have a terrible time getting the paper off. The cake is cooled for about 10 minutes before I remove the paper. Could I use one sheet, grease again and then use another sheet? —D.O., Canandaigua, New YorkIt is probably not necessary to use two sheets of waxed or parchment paper. Instead, try greasing the pan, lining only the bottom with the waxed or parchment paper, greasing the paper, and then flouring the pan and the paper. Make sure you use solid vegetable shortening or vegetable oil spray to grease your pans. Butter and margarine can cause cakes to stick to pans.

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