This BRAND-NEW Mariah Carey McDonald’s Menu Is All We Want for Christmas

Check this list twice, because you don't want to miss Mariah's holiday deals at McDonald's!

Pack your bags and prepare to head to a fancy McDonald’s. The iconic fast food chain is teaming up with none other than Mariah Carey for 12 days of deals starting December 13 and you won’t want to miss a second of it!

The singer shared that trips to McDonald’s with her kids have left her with fond family memories, so this Mariah Carey McDonald’s Christmas collab is a “holiday wish come true” for her. And for us, it’s not far behind. In the 12 days leading up to Christmas, McDonald’s customers can enjoy one free item every day from the “Mariah Menu,” which is out now. Here’s exactly how it works, so you don’t miss out on these merry holiday deals.

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The Mariah Carey McDonald’s Menu

Mariah Carey worked with McD’s to create her Mariah Menu. You can score one item for free each day with a minimum $1 purchase through the McDonald’s app. The Mariah Menu is already out, so take a look and plan what days to go and pick up your free item.

Every day there will be one specific item deal, and the campaign is starting off strong with a free Big Mac on December 13. The promo item on December 14 is another classic—the McChicken. I know I’ll be at McDonald’s for breakfast on December 23!

The Mariah Carey Mcdonalds Menu Courtesy McdonaldsCourtesy McDonald's

The last day of deals will be December 24, Christmas Eve, where you can get some chocolate chip cookies added to your order at no cost before you leave holiday cookies out for you-know-who.

Here’s How You Can Order

If you haven’t’ already downloaded the McDonald’s app on your phone, here’s your excuse to do so. The Mariah Menu deals only work for orders made through the app, so if you try to make a case for a free Big Mac in the drive-thru, chances are you won’t be getting one.

After you’ve downloaded the app, make your usual order before heading over to the “Deals” section to receive your free eats. That’s it! We know some of you have been counting down to Christmas since Halloween, but now you can mark December 13 on your calendar as well. Until then, we’ll keep enjoying the holiday Snickerdoodle McFlurry.

Don’t bother checking the drive-thru menu. You can make a holiday McDonald’s Eggnog Shake at home!

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