McDonald’s Releases Quarter Pounder Candles with New Fan Club

Everyone's favorite burger chain just launched a new club that's selling incredible merch. Learn more about McDonald's candles and the Quarter Pounder Fan Club.

Are you a McDonald’s fan? I mean, really a fan? Brace yourself, because the Golden Arches just introduced the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder Fan Club. One of the first orders of business was to sell scented McDonald’s Quarter Pounder Candles. We’re not joking.

All About McDonald’s Candles

Mcdonald’s candles are designed to smell like all of our favorite toppings: bread, ketchup, pickle, cheese, onion and beef. The 6-candle set comes with the recommendation to “burn together for maximum deliciousness.” Who knew your bedroom was crying out for the scent of ketchup?

While many guessed that McDonald’s candles would be a limited-edition item, no one was prepared for the candle set to sell out on the same day of launching. McDonald’s fan’s lament on Instagram that the set was unavailable after only a few minutes of launching.

More Merch from the Fan Club

Luckily, the burger chain still has new merchandise available for us superfans. Head to to find all of the Quarter Pounder Fan Club merch. So far, there are bumper stickers that read, “I’d rather be eating a Quarter Pounder,” a burger-themed 2020 calendar, pins, t-shirts, mittens and a locket engraved with the McDonald’s logo that has already sold out. Keep tabs on all of their new product launches by following @McDonalds on Instagram.

And stay tuned because on February 26, McDonald’s is going to unveil a larger-than-life bronze Quarter Pounder statue in one super-fan city. Could it be yours?

Fast food formulas might be highly guarded secrets, but step this way for our collection of McDonald’s copycats, including the fan-favorite Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

McDonald's Copycat Recipes
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